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Born on the same day as the Famicom, "Critical Kate" has been playing videogames since the NES days. She enjoys a good story, prefers arcade-style to simulators, and doesn't understand the appeal of recreational frustration. You don't want to run into her in the Facility with Remote Mines.
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Story Analysis: ilomilo

A cutesy puzzle game starring two lovable little creatures navigating a folksy arts-and-crafts style world is probably the last place you’d expect to find a sentimental story about star-crossed relationships and mortality.

And that’s what makes ilomilo (pronounced “ee-lo-me-lo”) more unforgettable than the average puzzle game. It charms your socks off, before blindsiding you with a brief moment of melancholy, only to continue on as if nothing happened. The result is a game I can only describe as wonderful yet bittersweet.

Warning: The following article contains major spoilers. If you have yet to play ilomilo, I would highly recommend doing so before reading any further. If you figure it’s unlikely you’ll ever get around to playing it, yet found the opening paragraph intriguing, you are of course welcome to continue. But if you change your mind and decide you want to play it after all, you’ll have only yourself to blame… Read More

102,247,681,536,000,000 Unique Character Variations, And Not One Woman
13 years ago

102,247,681,536,000,000 Unique Character Variations, And Not One Woman

Yesterday, Bethesda Blog posted some impressive numbers to let people know just how deep the character customization will be when Brink comes out this Tuesday. 102,247,681,536,000,000 unique character variations, or …
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Portal 2 (Part 1): Single Player

The following is part one of a two part spoiler-free review. This part focuses exclusively on the single player mode; co-op will be covered in part two.

In an age …
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Ghostbusters Avatar Items Now Available On Xbox360!

Ghostbusters items for your Xbox360 avatar are now available on the Xbox Marketplace, as a tie-in to Ghostbusters: Sanctum Of Slime. There’s a jumpsuit/proton pack combo, a hat, and …
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Beyond Good & Evil HD

Every console generation, it seems that there are always a few fantastic games that fly under the radar of the majority of gamers upon initial release, only to become well …
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Full House Poker

Full House Poker is the spiritual successor to the popular XBLA game 1 Vs. 100. Microsoft Game Studios had said they were going to apply what they learned from 1 …
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Ex-Bizarre Creations Staff Form Lucid Games

A group of staff members let go in Activision’s closing of Bizarre Creations have formed a new studio together called Lucid Games! The press release can be found here.

Bejeweled Blitz LIVE

Publisher: PopCap Games/ Developer: PopCap Games / Platform: XBLA

Bejeweled Blitz LIVE is an Xbox LIVE Arcade version of Bejeweled Blitz, the Facebook app edition of the popular puzzle game…with a Twist.
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A World Of Keflings

I was looking forward to this one, having loved A Kingdom For Keflings. The main appeal of that game was that it allowed you to use your Xbox360 Avatar in …
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R.I.P. Bizarre Creations

Blur was not only my favorite racing game of the year, not only my favorite racing game of this generation of consoles…it was possibly my favorite racing game of all …
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