This Modern Sequel To A Cult 8-Bit Game Needs Your Help

There are only 3 days left to help fund Project Giana on Kickstarter. But who are the Great Giana Sisters, and why should you care?

Before first person shooters became the “default” videogame genre, that title belonged to platformers, thanks in large part to Super Mario Bros. The phenomenal success of Super Mario Bros. led to an endless string of imitators that continues even to this day, to the point where people no longer bat an eye – it’s only considered a rip-off until it becomes so common that it’s considered a genre. A such, the earliest games to jump on the bandwagon tend to have a tougher time of it.

That’s what happened to The Great Giana Sisters, a game that was meant to be the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum’s answer to Super Mario Bros.. Unfortunately, despite introducing unique power-ups and blocks in later levels, the earlier levels and core game borrowed a little too heavily from Super Mario Bros., and Nintendo took legal action. All copies were immediately recalled from store shelves in the UK, and possibly never even made it to shelves in the US. Read More

Apple Jack 2 Trailer

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Apple Jack 2, one of my most-anticipated indie games this year, finally has a trailer.  It’s looking great so far, with some really varied level designs and awesome new gameplay …
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Ghostbusters Avatar Items Now Available On Xbox360!

Ghostbusters items for your Xbox360 avatar are now available on the Xbox Marketplace, as a tie-in to Ghostbusters: Sanctum Of Slime. There’s a jumpsuit/proton pack combo, a hat, and …
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Ex-Bizarre Creations Staff Form Lucid Games

A group of staff members let go in Activision’s closing of Bizarre Creations have formed a new studio together called Lucid Games! The press release can be found here.

R.I.P. Bizarre Creations

Blur was not only my favorite racing game of the year, not only my favorite racing game of this generation of consoles…it was possibly my favorite racing game of all …
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Wow – Dead Island Trailer

Another survival horror game? Normally my reaction would be “sigh,” followed by general indifference. But this trailer was so well done, the game is definitely going to be on my …
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First Official Post

A first post to break in the new blog, and mark the date it was finally finished.