A Critical Hit! is the blog of “Critical Kate” Willært, a writer/artist obsessed with lost media and geek history who has accepted the challenge of trying to present her research in a way that’s engaging to enthusiasts while remaining accessible to a casual audience

Kate Willært was born the same day as the Famicom, which Nintendo released in the US a few years later as the NES, the first console her family owned. She has a particular fondness for beat ’em ups, kart racers, Metroid-style games, and Goldeneye 007. You don’t want to meet her in the Facility with Remote Mines.

Kate’s interest in comics began in the early ’90s via the X-Men animated series. In her teens she worked at a comic shop to support her massive comic book addiction. Her aspiration to become a comic artist led her to study everything she could about visual storytelling, as well as the history of the medium.

After college, Kate Willært spent half a decade creating infographics and illustrations about geek history, which were featured on AV ClubBuzzfeedComplexCNETDesign TaxiFast CompanyGeek TyrantKotakuMashableNerdistThe Mary SueTIME.com, and more. She’s also written about geek history for Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat and the Video Game History Foundation.

You can support her ongoing research on Patreon, and keep up to date with her finding via her newsletter on Substack.

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