Netflix has a new Bandersnatch-style interactive adventure. But where that film was about a character creating a fictional menu-driven adventure, the new film is based on one of the first actual menu-driven adventures: Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego!

I enjoyed watching Bandersnatch fans create charts mapping out the choice structure, so I decided to have a go at it myself. Carmen Sandiego isn’t nearly as complex as Bandersnatch, but that makes sense given that it’s targeted to a more all-ages audience.

An infographic-style walkthrough mapping out the alternate choices in Netflix's Carmen Sandiego movie.

Fans of Carmen from the ’80s and ’90s might recall reading walkthroughs for games in magazines like Nintendo Power or in specially made Player’s Guides. I couldn’t resist giving this infographic a little bit of that feel, even if I didn’t go all the way with a faux-magazine spread. (But I was tempted!)


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