Carmen Sandiego’s first showed up 35 years ago today in WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO? for the Apple II. But she wasn’t yet wearing her iconic red outfit (she wore a black hat and fur coat), and she didn’t yet have her memorable circular logo.

Carmen’s crest went through more iterations than you probably realized. As part of my ongoing research on the history of the series, I’ve tried to assemble a definitive history of how the logo evolved, with as much historical information as I’ve been able to gather.

The infographic was created to mark two occasions: the 35th anniversary of Carmen Sandiego, and my Patreon donations finally reaching $100 a month! They’ve since dropped back below $100, but that’s understandable — 2020 has not been an easy year.

So here’s something fun to take your mind off the world for a few minutes:

A visual evolution of Carmen Sandiego's logo from 1985 to today.

If you’re still hungry for more history about these logos, check out my Twitter thread full of anomalies and additional images!

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SPECIAL THANKS: Michelle Bushneff, Frank Cifaldi, Lauren Elliott, and Paul Vaccarello.


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