Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios / Developer: Marvelous Entertainment Inc. / Platform: XBLA

As a tribute to the game’s 30-second long missions, the following review of Half-Minute Hero is meant to be read in 30 seconds.  Enjoy!

Half-Minute Hero is a fast-paced game.  You are handed objectives that would take hours to complete in a “normal” RPG, and are expected to blast through them in 30 seconds.  A helpful goddess can rewind time for a price, but otherwise you’re on your own.  This gives the levels more of a puzzle feel to them, as you need to figure out the right order to do everything in.

The updated graphics aren’t all that great, but you can switch back to classic pixelly SNES-style. Controls can be touchy at times and seem more fit for a D-Pad than a joystick, which can waste precious time.

Aside from the normal “Hero 30” mode, there are also RTS and shmup modes using the same hectic feel, as well as “Hero 300” and “Hero 3” modes, all of which take awhile to unlock.  Despite the rapid-fire, bite-sized missions, Half-Minute Hero will give gamers a lot to do and unlock.