Publisher: Zen Studios / Developer: Zen Studios / Platform: PS3, Xbox360

As more tables for Pinball FX2 get released, the line between pinball table and video game continues to blur. Tables like Epic Quest and Plants Vs. Zombies prove that “pinball” is a genre that can be mixed in with others just as well, and the Marvel tables have become more than just a pinball table with a different character-themed paint job. The newest table – this one modeled after the Civil War comic book series – allows players to choose a side at the beginning of the game, changing the characters they meet and situations they are put into.

Civil War’s main selling point – much like the quite-disappointing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – is the ability to choose which side of the war you would like to fight on. Will you side with Iron Man, and fight for the Superhuman Registration Act, or choose Captain America’s rebellion against the Act? This initial choice determines some of the events that happen within the board, as well as which characters you meet. Over the course of the game, different Marvel characters will choose to fight for or against the side you’ve chosen, based on how well you’re doing. It’s kind of neat to have the feeling like your actions in a Pinball game actually have an effect on the overall storyline. Despite this, it can be a little frustrating to lose potential members due to just not being that great at pinball, and just like other pinball tables, it is going to take a few retries to truely understand the ins and outs of the table.

The Civil War table is another addition to the rapidly-growing arsenal of Pinball FX2 tables, and still does not disappoint. While it is only one table rather than the previous four table packs for Marvel Pinball, the Civil War table is still an interesting experiment in pinball video gaming.