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Why Do So Many Reviews Read Like Opinions?
9 years ago

Why Do So Many Reviews Read Like Opinions?

By  •  Opinion

It’s become a recent trend in the age of Metacritic for gamers to question critics’ reviews. Why do so many reviews read like opinions, shouldn’t they be more objective? When …
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Cave Story (eShop)

Not to be confused with last year’s retail release Cave Story 3D, the new eShop release of Cave Story for the Nintendo 3DS might be the definitive way to play …
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Hotline Miami

I press my back up against the doorway to the next room. Three men on the other side. One is standing with his back to the door, another facing him. …
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Retro City Rampage

By  •  Handheld, PS3, PC

Ever since I was little and I used to secretly play the Grand Theft Auto demo hidden on a PC Gamer demo disc when my parents weren’t looking, I always …
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Sonic Adventure 2 HD

Some games were meant to have an HD remake. Street Fighter 2 got a pretty faithful remake with new hand-drawn sprites. X-Men Arcade – according to Kate’s review – is …
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Double Dragon Neon

Publisher: Majesco Entertainment / Developer: WayForward / Platform: PSN, XBLA

Back in the NES days, Double Dragon was possibly the most rented game in my household. When the Fighting Force games tried to revive the beat-em-up genre, I thought, “someone needs to make a new Double Dragon.” When Rockstar released the ode to beat-em-ups The Warriors, I thought, “someone needs to make a new Double Dragon.” WayForward’s Double Dragon Neon isn’t quite the game I’d been waiting for, but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable in its own way. Read More

FTL: Faster Than Light

Kickstarter has done some wonderful things for the world of video games recently.  From Tim Schafer’s newest project to the return of the Infinity Engine RPG (I’M SO EXCITED), Kickstarter …
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Pinball FX2: Plants Vs. Zombies DLC

Xbox Live Arcade’s Pinball FX2 continues to amaze me in ways far beyond the simple fact that it is one of the greatest pinball video games ever created.  The Marvel-themed …
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2P REVIEW | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

One of us used to play Counter-Strike at LAN parties, the other had never played it before. What did we think of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (aka CS:GO)?

Kate: You have …
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Rock Band Blitz

Rock Band Blitz is basically Rock Band, but instead of using a plastic instrument you’re using the triggers (or bumpers, or sticks, depending on your control scheme) and controlling all …
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