Publisher: Digital Reality / Developer: Candygun Games / Platform: PSN, XBLA

Dead Block: More Dead To Block (or maybe “More Dead On The Block,” if you prefer?) is a map pack for Dead Block, which I’ve previously reviewed here. So what does this new map pack have to offer?

Well, maps. Four of them, to be exact. Motel, Turkish Bath, Office, and Slaughterhouse appear to take place after the events of the main campaign, and seem to also pick up where the campaign left off difficulty-wise. You’ll also encounter further upgrades for each character. There are no new achievements, however.

Three of the maps are the usual find-the-guitar-parts game (with Office being a lights-out variation), while Slaughterhouse is a Zomb-O-Matic 9000 level, requiring a quota of dead zombies. Each map also features a four-player co-op version, though there’s still no online multiplayer.

While I don’t necessarily mind that they held off on four maps for the purpose of a DLC release, I do wonder if it would’ve been wiser to make it a free DLC pack to entice more people to spend the $10 on the actual game, rather than convincing a subset of gamers to spend an additional $3. But then, I’m no expert at marketing.