Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios / Developer: NinjaBee / Platform: XBLA

If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to play some more A World Of Keflings (read our review here), you’re in luck! “It Came From Outer Space” is a new DLC pack that adds an additional kingdom to the game. So, how is it?

In short, if you’ve enjoyed other Keflings kingdoms, you’ll enjoy this one. The characters are just as quirky and the humor just as charmingly dumb as ever, only now instead of guiding around Keflings, you’ll be dealing with aliens. Hailing from the planet Yurbut (not exactly subtle, is it?), the aliens have crash-landed here require your help to repair their ship. Which just so happens to involve creating a lot of other buildings to process various materials and build the required parts.

While the familiar gameplay hasn’t changed much, there are a few new advances that have been made in this kingdom. Rather than different sized houses that result in different numbers of additional Keflings, there are two different types of similarly sized houses. One type houses aliens, while the other type is a charge station for worker robots that are more efficient at mining and transporting materials.

The other interesting new gameplay advance is that select buildings that convert one material into another material can be transformed into special buildings that convert other materials, via an upgrade from the Matter Transformer. This essentially means that every blueprint for material-conversion buildings has two different forms, depending on whether or not you add the Matter Transformer element afterwards.

My only complaint is that the kingdom isn’t terribly large, being closer in size to the Ice Kingdom or Desert Kingdom than to the main Forest Kingdom. I was also slightly disappointed that I couldn’t build a house for ilo and milo or the Raskulls, but that’s a minor quibble.

But the design of the new map and buildings are a nice visual change that keep the new kingdom from feeling recycled. Fans of science fiction movies will appreciate some of the visual references made, such as a “Command Bridge” building piece that looks like a familiar chair, a generator called a “2001 Space Oddity” that looks like a familiar ship, and a new statue piece that appears to be a Kefling suspended in carbonite.

“It Came From Outer Space” is available on XBLA for 320 MSP ($4).